People and Livelihood

The surrounding areas are ancestral domains of the Batak and Tagbanua, two of the seven cultural groups of Palawan.  Two CADC’s have been established to protect these indigenous cultural communities. It has a population of 3,829 individuals including around 400 members of the indigenous People. The majority of the population is composed of migrants from other parts of the island as well as from other regions of the Country. Majority of the people speak Pilipino, other dialects spoken include the local dialect Cuyunon, Ilocano and Cebuano.  Most household in the PPSRNP earn their living from farming except in Sabang where many household depend on fishing and tourism. Indigenous People are engaged in upland farming and gathering of minor forest products such as rattan poles, almaciga resin, and wild honey as the main source of income. They still resort to hunting game to add to their food requirements.With the international recognitions received by the Park, tourism is now the main economic activity.