The PPSRNP World Heritage Site, declared as 1 of the New 7 Wonders of Nature is among the country’s premier eco-tourism destination. It known for intact old growth forest, interesting wildlife, beautiful white sand beaches, impressive caves systems and unspoiled natural beauty that will make your visit worthwhile. Through a sustainable tourism program, it provides visitors a genuine wilderness experience.

The Park is open to the public the whole year round, however it is highly advisable that you plan your trip in advance and confirm bookings for your tour. Make plans flexible to be able to enjoy the other features of the Site.

Park Entry
To control visitor access the approved carrying capacity of the Underground River a “No Permit, No Entry” policy strictly enforced by Management. All visitors are required to secure a Visitor Entry Permit at the Underground River Booking office before proceeding to the Park. Visitors are required to present valid identification cards and register individually prior to the tour. Failure to comply may result into non-admittance to the Park.

WONDER OF NATURE – The PPUR is one of the few such caves which the general public can easily experience and enjoy. It is navigable up to 4.3 km. and is reputed to be the longest navigable underground river in the World. Park operated paddle boats take visitors for 1 hour tour of the cave to appreciate the different rock formations as well as the thousands of bats and swiftlets that inhabit the cave. Schedule are from 8:30 – 3:30 pm Tours are scheduled daily except during extreme weather conditions.

JUNGLE TREKKING – for outdoor lovers who are physically prepared to endure the mountainous terrain, an alternative 5.3 km long trail from Sabang to the entrance of the Underground River is a challenge. The trail is designed in such a way that it allows visitors to trek into the different forest formations to observe wildlife and sounds of the wilderness. It is truly a rewarding experience of an athletic jungle adventure. Hiking shoes, drinking water and insect repellant are recommended. The trail is open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm daily. Temporary closed for renovation.

WILDLIFE WATCHING – The PPSRNP is designated an Important Bird Area (IBA) and Endemic Bird Area (EBA) by Birdlife International (BI). At least 165 birds have been recorded including all 15 endemic bird species of Palawan. One must start early and preferably equipped with binoculars to see the brightly colored bird species of the Park. Notable are the Palawan peacock pheasant, Palawan hornbill, blue-napped parrot. Other wildlife commonly seen are monkeys and monitor lizards.

MANGROVE FOREST TOUR - The activity is a community based sustainable eco – tourism project initiated by the Park Management. Tour the Sabang River on board paddle boats to observe mangrove forest and appreciate what an ecosystem free of human intervention looks like. Visitors are also given a chance to contribute to conservation by planting mangrove saplings in designated areas.

WHITE SAND BEACHES - The shoreline comprises some of the island’s most pristine and beautiful beaches. Most popular are the Sabang beach, Panaguman beach, and Marta Fe beach. The cool and crystal waters make it ideal for swimming and enjoying the sun.

ADVENTURE CAVING - Aside from the Underground River, the PPSRNP boasts a number of cave systems worth exploring. Climbing Ugong Rock allows one to view the spectacular karst formations and surrounding natural beauty. Other areas to explore include the Lions Cave, Daylight Hole and the Kawili Cave.

ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM – For display, exhibit and presentation of history and culture of the Batak and Tagbanua, two of the indigenous cultural groups present in the Park, visit the Ethnographic Museum located at the Park Visitor Center. Briefings and printed information could also be availed at the center.

Bookings and other information for the Tour can be made at the Underground River Booking Office located just ten minutes from the Puerto Princesa Airport. Visitors are also required to present valid identification and register individually prior to the tour.

Underground River Booking Office
City Coliseum

National Highway, bgy. San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (48) 434-2509/ (48) 7230904


Underground Cave Entrance Fee - includes the paddle boat fee, hard hats and life vests:
Adult P 250.00    
Minor P 150.00
Locals - 175.00
Minors   100.00  3 to 12 years old
Senior Citizens and Disabled 100.00 php

Palawan resident rates:
GENERAL ENTRANCE TO PPUR beach area and nature walk
Adult  175.00php
Minor  100.00 php  - 3 to 12 years old -*minors two years old and below are not allowed inside the Cave.
Locals: 150.00
Minors 75.00

Commercial Video Fee                                          P3,000.00

*Includes sightseeing, jungle trail, bird watching, snorkeling, spelunking

**Filipino senior citizens 60 yrs old and up, minors 17 yrs old and below, & the differently abled are exempted from paying the UR Tour Entrance fee.

***Children 2 years old and below will not be allowed for the UR tour

Carrying Capacity
To conserve the outstanding universal values of the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a carrying capacity of nine hundred visitors a day has been set and a no permit, no entry policy is strictly enforced. This is to ensure the thousands of bats and swiftlet and other life forms are not disturbed beyond their tolerable level that will cause them to abandon the underground River for more suitable conditions. The PPUR is being conserved for the benefit and enjoyment of the present and future generations.

We sincerely regret and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we appeal to you to please bear with us.

How to Get There
From Puerto Princesa City, the PPSRNP is accessible by land via a 76 km concrete road. It is served by public utility jeep and air-conditioned shuttle vans. It takes around one and a half hours of travel from the City to Sabang. From where, the Underground River may be accessed by a 20 minute ferry ride to beach area near the cave entrance.

Tour Cancellations
The Park may suspend tours and cancel issued VEP’s during extreme weather conditions, force majeure and other fortuitous, events where the permitee/s may be placed under perilous circumstance or when justified by circumstances beyond its control. In such case, the affected visitor has the option to rebook for the tour or seek a refund without payment of any rebooking fees or refund surcharges.

To book for a later date, cancelled VEP’s must be rebooked at the Underground River Booking Office and new Visitor Entry Permit’s shall be issued for the visitor on the earliest date available.

Macaques or monkeys in the wild would normally depend on the forest for food. Because of people feeding them despite being prohibited from doing so, the monkeys in the Park are now used to being fed by visitors and have the tendency to grab food from people. Avoid bring plastic bags as they think it contains food.

In order to bring them back to their natural behaviour, we are trying our best to keep a distance between the macaques and people. As a favor, Please do not feed or tease the monkeys, as it affects their natural feeding habits and contributes to their aggressive behaviour that may cause personal injuries.


  1. PARK POLICY – To protect and preserve outstanding universal values, Management has set a carrying capacity for Underground River and is strictly enforcing a “No Permit, No Entry” policy to support it. All persons are required to secure an entry permit from the Underground River Booking Office before entering the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.
  2. BOOKINGS – Permit application forms must be duly accomplished clearly indicating name of applicant, date of visit, place of visit, purpose of visit, duration of visit, local address and contact number.
  3. VISITOR ENTRY PERMIT (VEP) – The VEP is conclusive proof of contract between PPSRNP and Visitor for the PPUR tour. VEP’s shall be issued detailing each visitor’s individual booking reference number, date and time of entry. No VEP shall be finalized, confirmed and issued and until the payment of corresponding fees.
  4. GROUP TOURS – Groups comprising of fifty (50) or more person are required to secure VEP at least five (5) days before the date of planned visit.  Failure to comply with this requirement may result to the non-issuance of VEP.
  5. VALIDITY – Visitors shall have access only on the date, time and areas indicated in the VEP. Proper arrangements should be made with Park for visits beyond the dates and times indicated in the VEP, or to additional places not indicated in the VEP. The VEP shall be valid only until the date indicated therein;
  6. NON-TRANSFERABLE – VEP is non-transferable and may only be used by the person whose name appears on the VEP. Valid identification card shall be required during registration. If it is found that the person presenting the permit is not the same person as named in the permit; the Park shall refuse entry to such person.
  7. REGISTRATION – Permits must be validated at the Park Information Office in Sabang Pier at least one (1) hour prior to the time indicated in the VEP. Visitors are required to individually register the Underground River holding area at fifteen (15) minutes prior to tour. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of confirmed booking.
  8. CANCELLATION – The Park may cancel issued VEP’s during extreme weather conditions and other fortuitous events where the permitee/s may be placed under perilous circumstance or when justified by circumstances beyond its control. In such case, the affected visitor has the option to rebook for the tour or seek a refund without payment of any rebooking fees or refund surcharges.
  9. NAME CHANGE – the Park will allow change of name to any name in the permit only if the request is made three (3) days before date of intended visit as indicated in the VEP and that the number of names to be changed does not exceed twenty (20%) percent of the total names in listed in permit.
  10. REBOOKING - The unused VEP may be rebooked for a later date only if made more than three (3) days before date of the tour as indicated in the VEP and after payment of a One Hundred (P100.00) Peso rebooking fee at the Underground River Booking Office.
  11. REFUNDS – The unused VEP may be refunded at the City Treasurer’s Office only if made more than three (3) days before the date of tour as indicated in the VEP. Refunds will be made only upon payment of a One Hundred (P100.00) Peso surcharge.
  12. NO SHOW – Failure of the visitor  to show up or  is a “no show” for tour on the date and time indicated in the VEP  shall result to the automatic forfeiture of his confirmed bookings and the amount he paid without the PPSRNP incurring any liability to him.
  13. SUBJECT TO SEARCH – The PPSRNP reserves the right to search the visitor, his luggage or transportation to determine whether the visitor is in possession of or his luggage contains any prohibited materials or items. Should the visitor refuse to comply with the request to search, the Park may refuse entry to visitor.
  14. LIABILITY – The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park will not be liable for any loss or damage to property or personal belongings of visitors, nor to the injury or death due to accidents that may befall visitors during the duration of their stay in the Park.
  15. RECOGNITION – Proper acknowledgement /recognition must be accorded to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park for any film, video documentary or scientific research conducted inside the Park.
  16. REFUSE ENTRY – The PPSRNP reserves the right to refuse entry to any person for non-conformance to VEP Terms and Conditions, violation of prohibited acts under the National Integrated Protected Areas Systems Act, Cave Management Act, Wildlife Conservation Act and other applicable laws. PPSRNP shall not be liable for denial of their entry or any inconvenience pursuant to this.